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One of our newest products
Excellent Quality Ethiopian Opal recently discovered in the Welo region (Wollo, Wello) in Delanta area.

  • Fiery Brilliance
  • Icy Cool Tones
  • Rough Opals
  • 100 Gram Lots (Wholesale only)

Straight from the Kings and Queens of Ethiopia...New Ice Opal from Ethiopia
More brilliant than the Australian opal - this stone promises to delivery
all the Fiery brilliance and all the Icy cool tones of the Ice Opal.

Envelop your self in the sheer beauty of Ethiopian Welo Ice Opal today.

New! Ethiopian Opal from Welo Province

Newly discovered Ethiopian opal in the Delanta area -Welo (Wollo) Province.


These opals are not like the Mezez Province opals which come in nodules
and are brown and mostly unstable.

Price Range:

2 to 3 Grams of Ethiopian Welo Rough Opals at $4 per Gram in 100 Gram Lots.
3 to 5 Grams of Ethiopian Welo Rough Opals at $10 per Gram in lots of 100 Grams.


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